Steam Deck update now allows for custom per-game performance

Finally the latest and long-awaited update of the Steam Deck now allows for custom per-game performance settings

Steam Deck update performance update
Image: Steam / Valve

Despite the fact that the general buzz for the Steam Deck has died down a bit, it remains to be a good addition to, if not an improvement on, the mobile gaming market. Given Valve’s concerns with portable PCs, such as compatibility problems, the firm is continuing to make sure that the device is functioning properly. With that in mind, a new patch has recently been released that appears to give users more control over their performance.

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According to the notes, a new Steam Deck update adds another option for gamers to use performance profiles on a per-game basis. In other words, it lets gamers create their own settings so that games may run at optimum speed while still providing great visual quality or lowering performance for lower battery life and certain games that are less hardware reliant. The device will utilize the system’s defaults, according to the patch notes.

On top of that, the update also includes a few changes to the basic device, including small bug fixes for the keyboard, improved performance when switching from offline to online mode, and adding Deck to Steam’s hardware survey functionality. Valve has been asking for feedback on the Steam Deck and appears to be using what consumers have said about it in order to release frequent updates and hotfixes, ensuring that the system is kept at its best possible form. Of course, one of the most essential features of the device is game compatibility.

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With the Steam Deck’s current library of over 2,400 games, the list of titles that are being verified is growing all the time. Valve initially delayed the launch by a few months with an intended release date of Christmas 2021, which appeared to give Valve and its partners more opportunity to improve the device. It was a shame that those who pre-ordered had to wait a little longer, but right now, the portable PC is making waves in the sector.

Despite Valve’s failed attempt at hardware, the Steam Deck has shown that the long-running developer is able to participate in other projects, especially now that Gabe Newell and his team aren’t as well-known for game development. Given that this isn’t simply another Switch-like console, there’s a chance it might usher in a new era of mobile gaming, and the company clearly wishes to make certain it’s kept up to date.

Source: Steam

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