Here’s how to get all Discord Party Mode Achievements

Discord celebrates its seventh birthday with a new Party Mode and several new features

Discord turned seven years old today, and the communication and organizing platform is offering some special features and merchandise for a limited time.

Discord Party Mode Achievements
Image: Discord

Starting today, Discord will be in “Party Mode,” which will include features such as confetti and screen shakers to immerse users into the party on their screens and a new some new Achievements for you to chase. The birthday celebration at Discord will continue until Monday.

Here’s how to get all the Discord’s Party Mode Achievements:

Note: Combo Score – The “score” you receive while typing a message in Discord is referred to as a “combo.” Confetti will appear as you continue to type and can be viewed on the right side of the screen by default.
Combo multiplier – It’s Just Spamming messages multiple times till you reach x7 as max, it multiplies your current score by the multiplier you’re currently on.

AchievementsHow to Get them
Is this thing on?Enable Party Mode
The IT solutionDisable Party Mode
Is it me you’re looking for?@mention someone
*Discord notification sound*Get @mentioned
Prepare for troubleGet your Combo multiplier to x2
And Make It DoubleGet your Combo multiplier to x4
A Puebla partyGet your Combo multiplier to x5
Happy Birthday!!Get your Combo multiplier to x7
Stuck in character creationChange Confetti Settings
More!!Increase shake intensity in the ScreenShake section
Will you still need me?Get 64 Combo Score
Travel through timeGet 88 Combo Score
80’s popGet 99 Combo Score
Animation fanGet 113 Combo Score
Two birds, one stoneGet 430 Combo Score
Klondike’s cellGet 555 Combo Score
Gonna be the very bestGet 898 Combo Score
Be eliteGet 1337 Combo Score
A Slide PizzleGet 2048 Combo Score
Click for your free prize!You need to visit the Party Mode settings tab 100 times

Note: You may also use clever combo chains to quickly gain a lot of points. For example, if you need 2048 points, you could send 3 letters (to reach x3 combo multiplier) in a row and then when on x4 multiplier just spam 512 characters afterwards to obtain 2048 points (4 x 512 = 2048)

Party Mode Not Working?

This may be the case if you have activated the Reduced Motion option. To see whether this is the case, go to User Settings > Accessibility > Enable Reduced Motion. If you want it to be switched on, Confetti and Screenshake will both be disabled in Party Mode.

Check out this video down below if you need help!

Discord’s New Merch and Giveaways

Meanwhile, the platform has launched a slew of unique goods to its online shop and is organizing free Discord Nitro giveaways over the weekend.

The social media campaign has enlisted endorsers including Hannahxxrose, Kate Bacon, Yvonne Na, and J David Alvarez to help participate in the weekend’s activities. Details of their involvement were not revealed, but they will most likely engage on social media or sponsored streams.

Discord has risen to become the preferred voice communication and group management software for many gamers, with the company having been reported to be in negotiations to be acquired by Microsoft last year. Those discussions came to an end in April 2021.

It was announced last year that the company is working on a few new features that will indicate a shift in direction for the platform. The goal was to make it even more social by adding discovery tools and public live music events that may be paid.

Source: Discord

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