After six months, Battlefield 2042 finally has in-game voice chat

Battlefield 2042 finally has in-game voice chat after long six months

It appears that a squad-based shooter with no voice chat being released by a low-budget company is something of a shortcoming, yet it happened with Battlefield 2042 last fall. Instead of using voice chat to direct teammates towards your objectives, you had to use the ping system. Update 4.0, which is expected to release later this month, will finally bring in-game voice chat to Battlefield 2042 for the first time ever.

Battlefield 2042 finally has in-game voice chat after long six months
Image: Dice

The large update introduces a lot of exciting features, including Voice Chat, which will allow you to communicate in two different channels. Players will be able to pick between Party and Squad Chat while VoIP settings may be changed via the Options/Sound/Voice/Chat menus while in-game.

Since Battlefield 2042 was released, many people have complained about the voice chat feature. People have different opinions about what makes the game difficult or not fun to play. Some people think that the Specialist system is bad, while others think that server instability or other game issues make it hard to enjoy the game.

A lot of Changes in Update 4.0

The release of Update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042 is scheduled for April 19th. Players will have a chance to try the new improvements before deciding if they want to stay. In recent months, the development team has been working hard to make these changes., PC’s user numbers have decreased a lot for this title. Get the full patch notes here, some of the main fixes include:

  • A fix for a bug that would reset players’ saved customizations after joining a server
  • Collisions, floating items, and unintended transparent segments of maps have been resolved
  • A matchmaking bug that would loop players back to the lobby has been fixed
  • Kill Assists are triggered more easily
  • Balance adjustments to Specialists

The game has been reviewed by over 2500 people. All of the reviews have been negative. The game also has a low user rating and is not well-liked by critics. On Metacritic, the user reviews for Battlefield 2042 on different platforms range from 1 to 2 out of 10. Battlefield 2042 is having one of the worst debuts in the series’ history. According to data, player counts for DICE’s Battlefield 2042 continue to plummet, with less than 1000 simultaneous users playing via Steam.

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