Battlefield 2042 goes below 1000 players on Steam for first time

The game has far less people playing than 2018’s Battlefield V and recent rivals such as Halo Infinite

Battlefield 2042 goes below 1000 players
Image: DICE

According to new data, player counts for DICE’s Battlefield 2042 continue to plummet, with less than 1000 simultaneous users playing via Steam this morning.

Battlefield 2042 is having one of the worst debuts in the series’ history, with many consumers demanding their money back. With EA’s newest installment in this long-running franchise, fans have been let down. The game was put out as a half-finished product. On Day 1, many games experience numerous issues and bugs; however, Battlefield 2042 was entirely dysfunctional on another level.

Battlefield 2042 goes below 1000 players
Image: Steam Database

According to Steam Database, Battlefield 2042 has fewer than 1000 players right now and the highest concurrent players was around 1374 in this month. The greatest number of players ever recorded was 105397 people in the last five months. This franchise’s developers, Dice and EA, have had a terrible year in terms of popularity.

Following the terrible condition Battlefield 2042 was released in, many gamers have taken matters into their own hands, with a petition for refunds on all platforms now exceeding 230k signatures.

EA acknowledged the considerable disappointment felt by many in a Town Hall this year. The firm, however, decided to place the blame of its failures on the release of Halo Infinite and the covid-pandemic.

It appears that the game will be relying on their forthcoming update to repair things with the player base. They will be addressing several concerns and fixing many bugs, such as the scoreboard and other bundle problems, through the coming update. The game will also include an in-game voice chat feature and some map improvements to provide players with a better gaming experience. There is no specific release date for this upcoming update; however, EA has stated that it should arrive by early April.

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