Realme Plans to Release a New Smartwatch Soon

Realme plans to release a new smartwatch soon

Realme released a series of teasers suggesting they will be introducing a new smartwatch called TechLife Watch SZ100. The device’s official debut will take place on the same day as well.

Touch control is supported on this screen. In 1,69 square circles, the gimmick will be exhibited. There is currently no information on the smartwatch.

REALME plans to release a new smartwatch soon

As the device gets closer to its unveiling, we can expect to see more leaks and renders. We are confident that the smartwatch will be a better version of the Watch S100. The Realme Watch SZ100 is expected to be available in India by the end of May.

The Realme TechLife Watch S100 smartwatch was introduced in India in March. It comes in two colors: black and grey. The Realme Watch SZ100 is more expensive than the Watch S100 because it has upgraded specs. The watch also has 110 different watch faces and 24 different sports modes. It can also give you weather forecasts.

The body temperature and heart rate can be monitored by the sensors in the system. To calculate steps, duration, calories burned, and so on, a stopwatch is usually used.

This product has a long battery life of up to twelve days. It comes in two colors, black and dark blue. I don’t know the price yet.

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