Moon Knight Episode 3 Review: Things just got more confusing

Moon Knight Episode 3 Review: “The Friendly Type” packed with Visuals and Beautiful Score

“This episode” is when I started to really like and enjoy Moon Knight. The previous two episodes have merely hinted at the majesty of being a god’s avatar, but in the climax of this episode, we see Steven and Khonshu wielding the stars and re-spinning the world back 2,000 years, turning the sky into ribbons of light. If there was ever a time when I was looking forward to watching the next episode of a show, it is now. Just beware spoilers for Marvel’s Moon Knight Episode 3 follow ahead.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Review: The Friendly Type
Image: Moon Knight Episode 3

Moon Knight Episode 3: Summary

Episode 3 begins with Layla speaking to a woman, during which they discuss Layla’s father and her past. The lady appears to be her mother since she is having a conversation with Layla about her father and some of her history. We learned something new about Layla in this conversational section, such as the fact that she is from Chicago.

Meanwhile, Arthur Harrow’s followers dig up Ammit’s tomb with the golden scarab compass in hand. He knows Marc is on his trail, but he doesn’t care at all; Harrow is certain that haughty Khonshu will botch it up in some way.

Moon Knight Episode 3: What Happened

So far, Moon Knight has dedicated two episodes to explaining the intricacies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s darkest superhero. He is a man possessed by several personalities, and the third episode hints that there may be another in his body (won’t spoil). He is assisted by a disgraced God Khonshu who wants to prevent an avatar Harrow from calling Ammit.

In perhaps the most stunning moment of the episode, Khonshu pulls a rather bold trick — generating a freak solar eclipse — to bring the other gods of Egypt to conference and it’s here that we meet the avatars of five other gods: Hathor, Horus, Tefnut, Osiris, and Isis, and the shenanigans they perform before them as they question Marc and Khonshu.

Marc must look for alternative methods to progress after failing to gain the gods’ approval. With Layla in tow, he tries to acquire a sarcophagus clue under the watchful eye of notorious thief and Marvel bad guy Midnight Man (Anton Mogart).

Anton Mogart played by Gaspard Ulliel. At the start of this year, Ulliel died in a skiing accident, and the episode is dedicated to him. (May he rest in peace).

Moon Knight Episode 3: Visuals and Score

The third episode, which takes us to Egypt, delves further into the Moon Knight phenomenon, and the game has truly begun. Not to forget that in Egypt’s rooftops, Oscar Isaac doesn’t have a mask or suit and is battling goons bare-handed. What an outstanding sequence after the void it created in episode 2! But what comes out even more magnificent is the background music. Beautifully composed by Hesham Nazih, it adds significantly more to the scenery than just aesthetics. The suspense builds gradually with a rooted melody for each personality as well as a beautiful memory recall.

The visuals are quite moving. Here’s a shot of a couple on the verge of breaking up their marriage. God, who was humiliated and is now being called to testify in front of other gods who look down upon him, trapped inside a body that is attempting to get back its existence. Each character wants something more than he has, and Khonshu is no different. While a man walks with pieces of broken glass in his shoes, what else could possibly harm him?

The Real MVP

Each episode proves Isaac’s ability. Oscar has to face off, express complicated feelings, switch between personalities, and make it all look simple and coherent. He succeeds in doing so, too. There’s a 10-second single frame scene where Marc must pass control of his body to Steven. With just a second delay for the technical crew, you’ll witness how swiftly Isaac changes from Marc to Steven in that very brief moment! It was simply not even a fraction of a second! Whereas Ethan Hawke continues to get grimmer.

Moon Knight Episode 3: Review

“The Friendly Type” was a step back after an excellent and character-focused episode the previous week. Now that we’ve gotten to know Steven, Marc comes across as a jerk, and it’s difficult to root for him. The Midnight Man fight was also anticlimactic; Anton’s personality wasn’t developed enough so that he became more than simply an end-of-level boss that Marc and Layla had to overcome in order to solve a stupid map conundrum.

It is uncertain where Marc will go from here, with his god trapped in stone after changing the night sky and being controlled by Harrow at the end of the episode. Has he lost his abilities? Will he have to learn to work together with Steven to finally stop Harrow once and for all, or will he continue to amaze us, discovering some new sinister method to deal with his issues? We have yet to know.

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Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar, the series can be watched in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

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