How does breeding of Peridots pets work?

How does breeding of Peridots pets work?

How does breeding of Peridots pets work?
Image: Peridot

Peridot’s game loop is rather simple. You start by bringing up, nurturing, and eventually breeding the Dots from an egg.

Dots are able to identify and forage for resources that are specific to distinct locations. They have their own interests, such as food, going for a walk, or seeing nearby points of interest.

Aside from their appearances, personalities, skills, and preferences being determined by their DNA, they also have distinct looks, characteristics, and talents. The complete breeding process has been designed around this paradigm, which is based on the real-world way DNA functions.

How does breeding of Peridots pets work?
Image: Peridot

The combination of “hand-crafted assets and procedurally generated content” will create a large difference in Dots, which is why players will be interested. Breeding different varieties of Dots to achieve specific features or qualities is a good idea.

Returning to the game’s loose plot, players are assisting diversify a species that has recently awoken. ‘Unicorn,’ ‘Peacock,’ ‘Cheetah,’ ‘Ram,’ ‘Rabbit,’ and’ Clownfish’ are just a few of the archetypes available.

The game, like Pokemon Go, features real-world locations known as Points of Interest (POI), but rather than Gyms to battle pokémon in, Peridots’ POIs are Habitats. In reality, send off your adult Dot to visit areas where she may pop out an egg and produce nasty.

How does breeding of Peridots pets work?
Image: Peridot

Nests around habitats are utilized for breeding, and they may provide a range of variations, such as a zebra pattern, that result in specific characteristics. It might take several generations to obtain the traits and patterns you want, but because the breeding time is so short, it shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family when you’re away. And because there are no negative side effects to leaving your Dot alone for days, it’s even better. It’ll be alive and well, and eager to see you, I imagine.

You may still see a Dot after it’s bred, once you release it into the wild. It will stay at the POI that made whoopee, and you may recall it at any time to play and hang out.

In the game, there are both player and non-player Peridots. The world is also home to NPC Dots, as well as player Peridots.

At some point down the line, you’ll be able to buy items and accessories at the in-game store to improve your Dot or imbue it with certain buffs. You can feed it items to make it grow faster, or give it ‘Dot nip’ to make it happier – all of which feeds back into the breeding loop

Peridot is launching on Android and iOS this month in a few select markets. It will start as a beta, and more regions will be added as the app is tested and improved. Keep an eye on the Peridot website for updates.

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