Elden Ring New Mod Aims to Make Co-op More Seamless

This Mod Transforms Elden Ring Into A Fully Seamless Co-op Experience

A Modder by name LukeYui is working on making Elden Ring multiplayer more seamless without the need for summoning signs or frequent disconnects.

Since Demon’s Souls, co-op gameplay has been a feature of FromSoftware’s games. Players may call for assistance in cooperative play. If one player dies, though, they must restart; and if a boss is killed, the player who summoned them will be booted as well.

Elden Ring New Mod Co-op
Image: FromSoftware

The work-in-progress mod, known as Elden Ring Seamless Coop at the moment, has been demonstrated in two separate videos by mod developer LukeYui. The name suggests that the mod tries to create a seamless co-op experience that eliminates Elden Ring’s numerous irritating multiplayer limitations. The concept is that a co-op partner could join someone’s game and play regularly without being interrupted or forced to disconnect whenever anything goes wrong.

The first video released by LukeYui, Elden Ring Seamless Coop, shows the basic concept behind it. It’s a 17-minute film in which one player links up with another without any summoning symbols. The two then fight the Tree Sentinel as a pair, with one of them dying and being able to respawn easily. They next rejoin the battle quickly. The video also demonstrates both players activating and utilizing a Site of Grace together, each on their own Torrent horse, as well as entering and accomplishing the full Castle Morne dungeon together.

The second video goes through additional features, such as the ability to vote on where you want to fast travel, linked waypoints on the map, and a spectator mode after death.

The Elden Ring Seamless Coop mod is really interesting. It appears that LukeYui is attempting to find a method for co-op partners to never be forced to disconnect or reconnect their game, but they’re also working towards keeping the whole Elden Ring experience intact.

To prevent the new seamless co-op from being abused, LukeYui added a new element called Rot Essence. This is a debuff that builds with death and can only be removed by resting at a bonfire. In other words, dying in Elden Ring is still penalized. It’s just co-op partners will not be disconnected when you die.

This may be the most important thing to consider: it appears that this apparent violation of FromSoftware’s online terms of service will bypass FromSoftware’s EAC and matchmaking systems. The mod will run through its own launcher, which means it’ll be a separate instance of the game from the main game. LukeYui previously released a standalone offline launcher that bypassed EAC and permitted users or mod creators to use the source code to inject their mods into the game at runtime.

The mod isn’t yet available for download, but you can follow LukeYui on Nexus Mods and YouTube to stay up with its development.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

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