Fade’s new Gameplay Trailer reveals showing her abilities in action

Valorant’s new agent Fade’s released gameplay trailer reveals showing her abilities in action

Riot Games has just released a new gameplay trailer following the reveal of Valorant’s new agent Fade and the conclusion of the Master’s tournament in Reykjavík.

Fade’s new Gameplay Trailer reveals showing her abilities in action

We move away from the cinematics this time around and look at Fade’s skills and strategies in action. The trailer, while brief, gives us an opportunity to get a glimpse of what will be on our own PC screens soon.

It’ll be fascinating to see what Fade will be capable of when she’s thrown into the chaos next week, but for now, you may enjoy the trailer below.

Fade, as an initiator agent, will almost certainly be at the forefront of each attack, punching through enemy defenses. She appears to be rather capable in the trailer.

She will be available in the game next week, when update 4.08 goes live on April 27. It’ll also include a Jett nerf and plenty more.

If you want a more thorough explanation of Fade’s capabilities, check out our previous post for additional details.

Riot Games debunked the rumors in January when it was revealed that the fourth act of Valorant would not include a fresh agent. The studio has been working hard on improving the game’s health since Neon’s release at the start of Act 4. With Act 3 approaching, Riot has finally disclosed that Valorant Fade is on its way.

Fade was initially referred to as “Bounty Hunter” by data miners, coming in as agent number 20. Alongside her name, Riot has started to drip-feed information about the new agent, including her role in the game and where she’ll fall in our Valorant agency ranking. There has also been a large leak that may reveal Fade’s abilities, allowing us to make some predictions about where she’ll rank on our Valorant agent tier list.

Valorant is only available for PC right now and is completely free to play, with optional paid add-ons.


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