The Winners of the 2022 Pokémon Europe International Championship

The 2022 Pokémon European International Championship has finally concluded

Pokémon Trainers from all across the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany on April 22–24 2022 for the first International Championships of the 2022 Championship Series season.

Players competed in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon Sword and Shield video games, Pokkén Tournament DX, and Niantic’s first-ever international Pokémon GO tournament during three action-packed days.

Trainers in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon video games battled for three days at this year’s International Championships, which took place in London, England, from August 18-21. Qualification for the 2022 Pokémon World Championships was also up for chance among players of Pokémon GO and Pokkén Tournament DX.

The following people are the winners of 2022 Europe International Championship:

Winners 2022 Pokemon Europe International Championship

Collectable card game primary group:

First place: Nathan Osterkatz [US]

Second place: Luca Levine [FR]


Trading Card Game Advanced Division:

First place: Caleb Rogerson [US]

Second place: Roberto Costanzo [FR]


Trading Card Game Masters Division:

First place: Gustavo Vada [BR]

Second place: Frank Persich [US]


Video Game Junior Group:

First place: Alexander Muskante [DE]

Second place: Francesca Zario [IT]


Video Game Senior Division:

First place: Nicholas Can [AU]

Second place: Alessandro Marchionne [IT]


Video Game Masters Division:

First place: Eric Rios [ES]

Second place: Oliver Eskolin [FI]


Pokémon GO Premium Group:

First place: Maxwell Ember (MEweedle) [GB]

Second place: Stefan Cojocaru (KrowMDIV) [DE]


Pokémon GO Masters Division:

First place: Jakub Zatloukal (Aeerils) [CZ]

Second place: Domnik Wieber (Fr43ka) [DE]


Pokkén Tournament DX Advanced:

First Place: Fardin Rahman Mikan (Royume) [DE]


Pokkén Tournament DX Masters:

First Place: Florian Blank (Cloud) [DE]

Second place: Motochika Nabeshim (elm) [JP]


This year’s champions were handed a unique Pokémon trophy, a monetary award in the form of a scholarship or cash prize, and thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes spread among the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon video games, Pokémon GO, and Pokkén Tournament DX competition categories.


About Pokemon: Pokémon is owned by The Pokémon Company International, a subsidiary of The Pokémon Company in Japan, which is responsible for brand management, licensing, marketing, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, animated TV series, home entertainment and the official Pokémon website. In 1996, Pokémon was introduced in Japan and has since become one of the most popular children’s leisure activities worldwide. Please visit for additional information.

Source : The Pokémon Company

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