Data miners claim that Fortnite’s “no buildings” approach will be permanent

Data miners Announce that Fortnite’s “no buildings” approach will be permanent

Data miners claim that Fortnite’s "no buildings" approach will be permanent

The game’s most recent build was recently shut down in Fortnite’s regular mode, according to a convoluted tale trailer that concludes with Doctor Strange’s unexpected appearance. “Video games!” Jody exclaimed, as she had when we originally announced the change. The intention was to make it a one-time novelty, but if build-less mode becomes popular enough, it may become a permanent option. (thanks VGC)


So, we shouldn’t be surprised that several data miners have discovered proof that Epic intends to keep the no-build option active full-time. “The ‘No Builds’ LTM that will be accessible in under a week will be known as ‘Solo-No Build Battle Royale.’” Duos, trios, and squadrons will also have build-free modes.

In the meantime, HypeX confirmed the claim, stating that there was a “different no-building option they could turn on at any time” after the LTM ended, and that most loading screen indications had been altered to “in a building-enabled mode.”

When a building-free mode was announced, we noted that removing a core element of the game appeared to be a high-risk decision. Fortnite has long leaned on the power of reinvention, but it’s been doing so for years. It’s a battle royale, similar to PUBG, Apex Legends, and Warzone, but it’s a different beast entirely — where any number of Marvel superheroes, Olympians, or hip-hop stars can join in and take out the competition. Changing things up again (ironically, by making it more like its genre counterpart) works really well in the Fortnite formula, and it appears to be doing quite well: prior to the most recent leak, a lot of individuals on Reddit HOPE had been hoping for a no-build mode to become a permanent part of the game.

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