China bans streaming of unapproved video games

The Chinese government has banned the streaming of unapproved video games

China bans the streaming of unapproved video games
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The new restrictions are just the latest stage in China’s effort to limit minors’ access to gaming and the internet.

The Chinese government announced its intention to tighten restrictions on internet gaming for children even further recently in March. When the regime was looking for input on a draft proposal document at the time, it appeared that some of the measures were already being implemented: streams of unauthorized games have been prohibited by China’s National Radio and Television Administration, according to a Reuters report.

According to the report, the new regulation applies to games that have not been approved for publication in China, as well as streams of games and esports competitions from outside of China. It also demands that streamers avoid “traffic-oriented” aesthetics and other “undesirable” conduct, as well as maintaining a “civilized and healthy” online atmosphere.

The new rules are part of China’s continuing efforts to combat what it perceives as gaming and online addiction among minors, which is made clear in the first paragraph of the new regulations: “Issues such as online live broadcast chaos and teenagers’ addiction to games have gained a lot of attention in the society, and it is critical that we take effective measures to control them.”

While unlicensed games can’t officially be released in mainland China, many are marketed on streaming platforms like Huya Inc., DouYu International Holdings, and Bilibili Inc., according to senior analyst Daniel Ahmad at research firm Niko Partners.

“Earlier this year, Elden Ring was a hit on Chinese game live streaming platforms reaching 17.1 million cumulative daily average viewers, despite not having a license,” he said.

The new restrictions were announced the same day as Chinese gaming conglomerate Tencent announced that it will restrict access to unapproved foreign games on its platforms.

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