VALORANT teases new agent on Twitter, adds a new backstory

VALORANT new agent teases on Twitter, and the 4.7 patch note adds a new backstory

VALORANT is trying to get people excited for the next agent by releasing a lot of information about the game. It’s been a rollercoaster, with in-game lore and Twitter messages.

VALORANT has been teasing fans about new agents for a long time. This generates excitement among fans, who are curious about what type of agent it will be, the visuals, and of course the gameplay.

The first indication that VALORANT might be releasing a new update was when they released an updated battle pass on February 27th, 2022. We’ve seen leaks of the new agent’s abilities and perspective since then. Now that VALORANT has teased the fans with Patch 4.07 and some backstory, let’s take a look at how they did so.

Updated Lore in The Range

In this audio clip, you can hear a voice message from KAY/O, Cypher, Neon, Sova, Breach, and Chamber. They are trying to capture the man who has been stalking the agents for months.

VALORANT agent teases on Twitter, and the 4.7 patch note added a new backstory
Image: Valorant

Message symptoms include strange noises and sounds. KAY/O has explained that Neon and Cypher’s heart rates have risen. Both agents say they cannot see, and Breach says he is unable to move at a particular moment. The team may be heard fighting what appears to be monsters, after which they pursue the target outside. KAY/O leaps from a plane and activates his ultimate, stunning attacker, who is revealed to be a woman and a brilliant.

VALORANT agent teases on Twitter, and the 4.7 patch note added a new backstory
Image: Valorant

Brimstone’s laptop has a new email that confirms the team has taken a separate target. A new cell may be found down the basement passage later. When you enter Brimstone’s office, the screen goes black as if you’ve been debuffed, which is most likely one of the new agent’s skills.

There have been reports of strange things happening at the Phoenix base. The teams have experienced flickering lights, cold door handles, and other phenomena. Cypher and Brimstone have also been having secret meetings, which seems to cause the scary events to happen.

New Agent teases on Twitter

Riot Games has released new information about the upcoming story in their game. We now have a better look at Cypher and Breach, who appear to be in danger. This design is present throughout the game with promises of the new agent. Check out this backstory posted by Valorant.

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