Apex Legends revealed upcoming legend “Newcastle” in Season 13

Apex Legends revealed 21st legend “Newcastle”  in upcoming Season 13 named “Savior”

The next season “Saviors” of Apex Legends is on the way, and fans are getting ready to experience the new content, which include a new legend named “Newcastle” and he is about to be revealed as the game’s 21st legend in next season.

Apex legend introducing new hero "Newcastle" in Season 13 Savior
“Newcastle” Image: EA

“When a monstrous beast attacks Storm Point, new Legend Newcastle leaps into the fray to protect and inspire his fellow Legends: because that’s what heroes are for,” reads the description for the Saviors launch trailer, which is viewable below.

Bangalore’s long-lost brother Jackson was introduced in a new trailer, revealing him to be Newcastle (not to be confused with the northern English city). That is complicated by the fact that, according to recent narrative developments, Jackson should be dead. Considering that visor made of chrome, I believe there may be some Robocop shenanigans occurring.

It appears that Newcastle will be a hard defender with a personal energy shield comparable to Lifeline’s old revive shield and a huge metal barrier that resembles Rampart’s walls on steroids. This corresponds with previous leaks.

On April 28, his Stories from the Outlands lore video will be released, with Newcastle’s kit to be unveiled as we get closer to the start of the season. However, the Savior season site is also shedding light on a few key adjustments that will take place in 2019. During the trailer, a huge Kaiju that the team destroys appears to become a new map location at Storm Point, and AI Spectres appear to protect secret weapon vaults.

About New Rank System

The new system, which is being implemented as we speak, appears to be a significant change. It also looks like Ranked play will be completely reworked soon, with Respawn indicating that the new method will place a higher emphasis on collaboration and may finally remove de-rank protections (a mechanism that prevents, for example, a Platinum player from plummeting down to Gold).

Last month, a development build of Apex Legends was said to have leaked over two years’ worth of new content. It included nine new legends, the Divided Moon map, as well as recent weapons and heirlooms.

The leaked legends were Conduit, Scryer, Caliber, Jester, Phantom, Vantage, Uplink, Catalyst, and Newcastle. Given the relatively completed character model state of the last one (Newcastle), it was anticipated that it would be the first to release.

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