Top 5 Story Games For PC

Here are the top 5 story games for PC:

When all is said and done, my choices may not be yours but if they are your interest and you haven’t played them before, I suggest giving them a go you may find something new to enjoy!. Here are the Top 5 Story Games For PC!

It Takes Two

top 5 Story Games For Pc

Developer Hazelight who developed A Way Out is back with another co-op-only adventure, It Takes Two, this time focusing on a couple. Cody and May’s relationship has come to an end, but their daughter refuses to listen to reason and traps her parents in two dolls using the aid of a self-help book that is sentient. It’s perfectly reasonable to raise one, if not both, eyebrows at this elevator spiel, but Josef Fares has shown he knows what he’s doing since Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

top 5 Story Games For Pc

Developer FromSoftware has taken to the shadowy world of ninjas with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, an action game that takes inspiration from old-school Japanese cinema. Players will control a shinobi whose purpose is to rescue his master and exact revenge on those responsible for her capture.

This stealth-action game promises complex combat along with a prosthetic arm that becomes cursed by a witch, leading to an interesting conundrum where players are not allowed to heal themselves. Fans of the Souls series will no doubt be excited about this upcoming release.

God of War

top 5 Story Games For Pc

Once again, one of the most popular PlayStation-exclusive games by Santa Monica Studio, God Of War has made its way to PC, and -you can exhale now – it’s a fantastic port.

God of War isn’t only an incredible technical showcase thanks to its visuals and the world with no loading screens, but also a well-written tale about parenthood and a solid action game.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with any of the other God of War games, you should be able to grasp and sympathize with the tale of a guy trying to make peace with his past thanks to excellent acting and a script that takes its time, allowing characters to truly express themselves.


top 5 Story Games For Pc

The concept of Subnautica reminds us of numerous other survival games: it drops you into a strange, unforgiving environment, points off into the distance, and says, “Go create stuff” However, Subnautica is anything but ordinary.

Its wilderness is entirely underwater, altering the structure, pace, and tone of your journey while also generating a tangible sense of dread as you descend deeper into the seas in search of resources (was that a tentacle that just flicked through your peripheral vision?).

In Subnautica, you must build your base and flee the planet, which is a situation that few other survival games offer. It has a good narrative and satisfying conclusion, as well as a clear structure.

Dishonored 2

top 5 Story Games For Pc

You were in pursuit of people in the first game, and you could kill them however you wanted because the levels were huge.

Now that the maps are larger and more detailed in Dishonored 2, your supernatural abilities are greater. You can play as a second character named Emily who has her own killing approach. The smooth-riding makes it easy to get from place to place and look at each section of the map, looking for hints until you’ve determined your path to your ultimate goal.
It’s breathtaking.

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