How to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft

Added with the Wild Update, Here’s how to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft

How to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft

Wondering what the Minecraft recovery compass is for? Or perhaps you’re curious about how to construct one? The recently launched 1.19 upgrade offers the long-awaited Deep Dark biome and Warden monster, but it isn’t all bad—the Wild Update also adds frogs, tadpoles, and the adorable Allay, a mob voted on by players during 2021’s Minecraft live poll.

You may overlook the recovery compass when there are so many new things to examine. It’s certainly beneficial to have, especially if you’re thinking of going into the Deep Dark or attempting any other potentially hazardous activities. So, here’s how to construct a Minecraft recovery compass, as well as what it does.

The Minecraft recovery compass leads you to the spot where you perished, making it much easier to recover your items. The compass will only function in the same dimension as your death location, so return to the Nether if you died there.

Hopefully, it’s something you won’t need too often. Even so, having one on hand just in case anything goes wrong might save you a lot of time and running around as you search for your stuff. You’ll simply have to trust that whatever killed you isn’t still lurking around.

The recovery compass is a craftable item that requires the following components in be created:

  • Echo Shard x8
  • Compass x1

If you’re lucky, a normal compass may be found in a random chest, but if not, iron ingots and redstone dust must be used to construct one. Echo Shards might be difficult to find because they may occasionally show up inside chests in the Deep Dark’s new Ancient City structures.

How to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft

After you’ve gathered the things you require, go to your crafting table and combine the compass with the eight Echo Shards surrounding it to make a recovery compass. That’s all there is to it. At the absolute least, if something terrible were to happen, this would take some of the worry out of looking for and recovering your stuff.

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