Genshin Impact Codes for June: Free Primogems and Mora

Here are the latest Genshin Impact codes for Primogems and Mora for June

Genshin Impact Codes for June
Image: Genshin Impact

Are you looking for the newest Genshin Impact codes? With version 2.7 now available, you’ll need a lot of Primogems if you want to collect any of the new characters. There are several methods to acquire primos, and there are a number of events in the updated version, but codes are an excellent way to help with what you have.

It’s also worth noting that buying Genesis Crystals to wish for each new five-star is simply prohibitively expensive, and a significant amount of money to invest in a game. So it’s better to save up your primogems for a character you really want and utilize the occasional code or giveaway to get a few more wishes on the side.

These are generally removed from the list after each new version, and they typically dissipate within a day or two, but there are occasionally others, and at the moment there are still a few that work in the list. There’s also a round-up of recent events and giveaways for more primogems, as well as an explanation of how to redeem your codes and obtain the items.

All Genshin Impact codes

  • GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primogems, three Hero’s Wit (this code doesn’t expire)
  • MTNUJBXDD72R  60 primogems, five adventurer’s experience

Expired codes:

  • BSPD3ZRXU985
  • BSNDJC747Z7D
  • KB6DKDNM7H49
  • CB7UU6KT2H59
  • GenshinEpic
  • GenshinGalaxy
  • LS6T4L9ZZ7TH
  • GBNA9J5H9Y4H

Here’s how to Redeem Genshin Impact Codes

To redeem your Genshin Impact code, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the miHoYo gift redemption site.
  • Log in to your account and region.
  • Copy the code into the box from the list.
  • Take a look in your game mailbox to acquire your prizes.

It’s important to note that you must be at least Adventure Rank 10 in order to use the codes.

Here’s how to Get Primogems from other sources

  • Explorations: Both opening chests and triggering waypoints in the world give you some Primogems, as does completing one-time dungeon domains you discover.
  • Commissions: The most efficient approach to obtain Primogems is to complete your adventurer’s handbook’s daily commissions. These are also noted on the map, and if you finish all four, you’ll receive a bonus as well as access to a narrative key that will let you start character arcs. Also, it aids in leveling the Adventure Rank.
  • Adventure Ranks: You can wish for characters once you’ve leveled up your adventure rank. You may receive Primogems and Fates, which you may use to request heroes.
  • Events: Limited-time events provide a variety of goodies, but generally the first completion of an activity rewards you with Primogems.
  • Ascension: You also receive a Fate for each other character’s ascension, which is not only free but also cost-effective.
  • Spiral Abyss: You can earn a lot of Primogems if you have the two leveled teams needed to clear the Spiral Abyss. The zone also resets, allowing you to collect them all over again.
  • Paimon’s Bargains: You may use Stardust or Starglitter to buy both forms of Fate monthly in the Paimon Bargains store if you have either. You obtain Stardust by wishing, and Starglitter by landing a four-star character or weapon.
  • Adventurer’s Investigations: Completed investigation milestones in your adventurer’s handbook may provide you with Primogems and additional adventure rank XP.

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