Download Destiny 2 now if you own Xbox Gamepass before it’s too late

On April 11, Xbox Gamepass will take away one of its most popular games: Destiny 2

Xbox Game Pass seems to be doing well overall, but some people might be upset about one of their favorite games being removed. On April 11, Destiny 2 will be removed from the service. However, there is some good news.

Download Destiny 2 now if you own Xbox Gamepass before April 11
Image: Bungie

People who want to play Destiny 2 with Game Pass should know that they have 10 days left to download it. As of April 11, it will be fully removed from Game Pass on PC, as well as previous expansions through Beyond Light. This isn’t to suggest that it’s a negative thing for those who want to download it before then. While games are generally done once they’re no longer accessible or removed, Destiny 2 is taking a somewhat different approach.

“The game will be still accessible as long as you maintain Gamepasss subscription”

According to Bungie’s help article, PC Game Pass subscribers will still be able to access the Destiny 2 expansions they’ve downloaded as long as their Game Pass subscription is maintained. It is most likely due to Destiny’s live-nature service, as opposed to other traditional games on the gamepass.

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This means that those who play Destiny 2 on PC via PC Game Pass will not have to buy the expansions, and those who begin playing after April 11 will not have to complete all of the game’s missions right away.

The expansions for Destiny 2 may consume a significant amount of time, but that is OK since the game has managed to stay popular for a long time. This implies that players do not need to rush through the experience. Different games are removed from Game Pass at different times, but Destiny 2 will still be accessible for some time.

For more information on Destiny 2, be sure to visit our dedicated Destiny section, which includes news, guides, and additional content.

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