Destiny 2 Monster vs Mech Armor Poll and a new free Emblem

Destiny 2 – Monster vs Mech Armor Polls has begun for players

Destiny 2 Players will be able to vote for Monster or Mech Armor for the Festival of the Lost 2022 and will be rewarded with a new emblem “Broken Barriers”

Destiny 2 Monster vs Mech Armor vote and a new free Emblem
Image: Bungie

Festival Of Lost 2022

Bungie is already getting ready for the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost in October, when it’s only April. In 2021, It conducted a poll to choose which Halloween costumes it should offer players for the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2. The armor sets were either Dinosaur or Monster-themed, with dinosaurs winning with 81 percent of the vote.

The Monsters are back, and they’ve changed a bit in the new series. Meanwhile, the mechs have entered the fight and feature plenty of anime influences. Voting begins on April 7th and ends on April 13th; simply confirm your registration for emails from Bungie beginning March 31st through April 6th and link your proper profile to

Destiny 2 Monster vs Mech Armor Poll and a new free Emblem
Monster Armor Set / Image : Bungie
Destiny 2 Monster vs Mech Armor Poll and a new free Emblem
Mech Armor Set / Image : Bungie

A piece of concept art for both the Monster and Mech sets of armor has been released, with Bungie hinting at their release only after one has emerged victorious. The Mechs set reveals that Bungie was heavily influenced by Gundam, with its designs being a prime example. Because of legal concerns, no single set is named Gundam; instead, they’re called mobile suits. For the Monsters, Bungie players who took part in the poll in 2021 will be somewhat acquainted and the designs have been updated.

How to Get the new Emblem “Broken Barriers”

An emblem “Broken Barriers” will be given to all participants on April 19th. If you’ve cast your vote and been active since February 22nd 2022, you’ll get a unique emblem. Follow this steps.

March 31st – April 6th: Make sure you’ve joined up for emails from Bungie.

  • Link your PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, Stadia, or Twitch account credentials to your profile.
  • Visit the Account Settings page.
  • Click on “Email and SMS.”
  • Enter your preferred email address to receive Bungie communications.

April 7th – April 13th: Voting Begins.

  • Watch your emails for your chance to vote.

April 13th: Voting Closes.

April 19th: Claim your emblem.


Regardless of which set wins, both may be purchased with Bright Dust or Silver during the Festival of the Lost holiday. The poll will close very soon, but the results will not be available for a while. Bungie will most likely wait until after the Halloween armor set is finished and ready to reveal the full Festival of the Lost event later this year before releasing the poll results.

For more information on Destiny 2, be sure to visit our dedicated Destiny section, which includes news, guides, and additional content.

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