Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Reykjavik Prize Pool Distribution stage 1

Stage 1-Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Reykjavik Prize Pool and ladder point  Distribution


The Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Reykjavik stage 1 Master’s Tournament, which will be held in Iceland, has a prize pool of more than half a million dollars.

VALORANT’s fourth LAN event, VCT Masters, is taking place in Reykjavík. The next two days are packed with eagerly anticipated matches, and viewers have been on the edge of their seats.

Distribution of the VCT Masters Prize Pool

The prize pool for the VCT Stage 1 Masters has increased to $675,000 this year (a $75,000 increase). Furthermore, compared to last year’s tournament, the ladder points have been boosted and will be taken into account during team qualification for Valorant Champions at the end of 2022.

The winner of the competition will receive $200,000, as well as 750 ladder points (350 more than last year’s Masters Reykjavik). The second place wins $120,000 and 500 ladder points. The second-place prize money rises by $20,000 and the number of ladder points earned increases by 150.

The third-place prize will be $85,000, as well as 400 ladder points, a $5000 addition, and 100 more points. The fourth-place wins $65,000 and 300 additional points. In comparison to last year’s tournament, the prize pool has risen by $50000 (or 50) and 100 additional ladder points.

VCT Masters Reykjavik Prize pool:

1st: $200,000; 750 points |TBD|

2nd: $120,000; 500 points |TBD|

3rd: $85,000; 400 points |TBD|

4th: $65,000; 300 points |TBD|

5th-6th: $40,000; 250 points |TBD|

7th-8th: $25,000; 200 points |TBD|

9th-10th: $15,000; 150 points |Ninjas in Pyjamas, Xerxia|

11th-12th: $10,000; 125 points |Fnatic, KRÜ Esports|

Non-appearance of FPX’s

FunPlus Phoenix was not able to attend the Reykjavik tournament because of travel restrictions in Ukraine and Russia. Riot said that their mobility teams worked hard to try and find a solution, like extending the roster lock window, contacting government officials for visas and travel permissions, and relaxing emergency substitute rules. However, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Riot decided to give FPX $25,000 and 200 ladder points to Riot out of fairness. Instead, Team Liquid was invited to represent the EMEA region, ensuring that all three EMEA spots were filled by teams from the area.

Masters Reykjavik Sponsors

Riot has partnered with Verizon, Secretlab, Prime Gaming, Hyper X, Aim Lab, and Red Bull to create brand advertising.

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