Nvidia Responds to the RTX 4090 Cable Controversy

Claims that insecure 12VHPWR connections are responsible for the RTX 4090 power cord meltdowns; will honor warranties

Nvidia has stated that it is still investigating reports of RTX 4090 graphics card power cable melting issues, however its findings ‘suggest’ that it was caused by an insecure connection. According to GamersNexus, the corporation also stated that it has received around 50 reports of the problem. Users first blamed the adapter, while others stated that the melting connection also destroyed their graphics processing unit (GPU). The graphics chipmaker also shared a photo of the connector when it’s not fully plugged in.

Nvidia RTX power cables not properly plugged in
Before starting your computer, make sure the wire is completely plugged in, says Nvidia | Image: Nvidia

In October of this year, the business was looking into allegations of graphic card power cables burning or melting for some users. A Reddit user described RTX 4090 card issues, including burn damage on a new adapter cable. The card’s connector was also broken and melted. Another Redditor commented on the same topic, displaying similar damage to an Asus RTX 4090 GPU power cable.

However, GamersNexus, a channel well-known in the PC-building industry for its extensive testing, reached the same verdict earlier this week. The outlet, which reviewed broken adapters submitted in by viewers and conducted rigorous testing as well as reporting on the issue, uploaded a video showing that the connections had wear lines, signaling that they hadn’t been properly placed into the slot.

Image: GamersNexus

It’s worth mentioning, though, that Nvidia may not be entirely innocent in this scenario. Another thing that stands out in the image is that the socket includes a locking key. In theory, there’s a function that would stop this from happening. However, according to GamersNexus, when fully inserted, the adapters do not snap or lock into place.

Either way, the checks done by Nvidia as well as GamersNexus does not appear to suggest manufacturing problems as the core issue. Nvidia also informed Gamers Nexus that it and its partners would fulfill RMAs for cards that had been damaged due to incorrect insertion. “Anyone who has an issue [with this] will be taken care of,” “We’ll expedite an RMA.” the business assured Stephen Burke, Gamers Nexus editor-in-chief. The statement came a day after it was reported in Tom’s Hardware that a GeForce RTX 4090 owner has launched a class-action lawsuit against Nvidia over the melting connections.

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