Xlite V2 Mini Wireless gaming mouse weighs only 55g

Xlite V2 Mini Wireless gaming mouse weighs only 55 grams than a egg

Xlite V2 Mini Wireless gaming mouse weighs only 55g
Xlite V2 / V2 Mini

On the side, there’s a 59-gram Xlite V2 Wireless counterpart that is even more tiny and lighter. It has been dubbed the Xlite V2 Mini Wireless by Pulsar Gaming Gears, who introduced it this week. This gaming gnome should be available in shops this week, with additional vibrant hues to follow later this month.

Xlite V2 Mini Wireless in detail

The Xlite V2 Mini Wireless is distinguished by its ultra-low weight of just 55 grams, which will be available from May 6th. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the rodent was designed to be simple yet stable. The result is a tiny mouse that is lighter than an egg.

The V2 Mini Wireless’s rear mouse wheel is covered with elongated slots, which provide a distinctive look compared to the standard honeycomb appearance. It has dimensions of 117 mm x 64 mm x 40 mm (length x width x height), making it an ideal gaming mouse for smaller hands.

Xlite V2 Mini Wireless gaming mouse weighs only 55g
Xlite V2 Mini from back

Despite the fact that there are some drawbacks, the built-in technology is still quite impressive. A PAW3370 sensor from PixArt is included in the Xlite V2 Mini Wireless, which has a resolution of 50 DPI – 20,000 DPI at 400 IPS and 50g mouse acceleration. The polling rate is 1,000 Hz or 1ms.

5 buttons for right hands

The ergonomics of the Xlite V2 Mini Wireless are designed exclusively for right-handed users. They have a total of five buttons, as the Mini lacks a DPI button when compared to many other gaming mice.

The two most important switches are powered by Kalih GM 8.0 switches that provide accurate feedback and are designed to endure 80 million clicks. The mouse is wireless, using a 2.4 GHz network with ultra-low latency. The battery is said to last 70 hours on a single charge. Charging is via the included USB-C connection.

Xlite V2 Mini Wireless gaming mouse weighs only 55g

The bottom of the mouse can be replaced if desired, and there is a lot of attention to detail here. The skates are made of 0.6 mm thick material and come in a variety of different sizes and materials if wanted.

Price and Availability

The Xlite V2 Mini Wireless will be available in black and white from May 6, 2022. The manufacturer’s MSRP is $79.95 during this time. According to Pulsar’s Twitter statement, the first batch is severely restricted, however. Another crimson hue will be added in the middle of May. More information may be found on the manufacturer’s product website.

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