Wholesome Direct is scheduled for June 2022

Wholesome Direct is scheduled for June 2022

“We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting another direct this summer, and our gaming wishlists are about to become a lot cuter in a few months’ time.”, Wholesome Direct is scheduled for June 2022.

The following Wholesome Direct is announced to happen in June, according to the Wholesome Games Twitter account. Wholesome Games has yet to announce a release date, so keep an eye on the site for news on when we’ll be able to get a sneak peek at all of the adorable indies heading to PC and console.

Among the more than 70 games demonstrated at last year’s fast-moving Direct were teasers for anticipated releases such as Skatebird, Bear and Breakfast, Garden Story, and Unpacking. This year’s event appears to continue the pattern of highlighting lesser uplifting and unique games with a certain date to be announced in the future.

Another indie direct from Wholesome Games is scheduled for June

The event’s name, logo, and tagline are “the individual.” The showcase will include a full-length independent indie game video presentation with special content, interviews, and game announcements. Developers who wish to exhibit their new game at the Wholesome Direct may now apply for inclusion.

Wholesome Games began as an online community dedicated to the wholesome aspects of video games, and it continues to provide a platform for cozy gamers to discover such titles as A Short Hike, Big Kitty in the Little City, Ooblets, Pupperazzi, and others.

If you’re an independent game developer interested in participating in the Wholesome Direct, this is the form for you. The form for anybody wanting to co-stream/promote/work with the Wholesome Direct is here. You may sign up right here if you just want to be informed when the Direct goes live for anyone else.

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