The Division 2 Season 9 introduces New Mode and Features

The Division 2 Season 9 Hidden Alliance adds new content and gameplay to the game

The Division 2 Season 9
Image: Ubisoft

Over a year ago, players were unsure what to anticipate when Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment stated that more substance would be added to The Division 2. By then, the game had effectively entered end-of-life maintenance mode, leaving players perplexed as to what to anticipate. Up until now, the developers have been reluctant to provide details aside from telling gamers not to set themselves up for disappointment by having excessively high standards.

The Division 2 Season 9 Trailer

Finally, Massive is ready to provide more information about The Division 2’s next major content drop, which is expected to arrive in a few days. Season 9: Hidden Alliance will have a continuation of the game’s continuing seasonal narrative, as well as a new endgame feature and an all-new 8-player game mode.

Hidden Alliance is a tiny and contained expansion, not nearly as big or complex as the Warlords of New York add-on, which launched in February. Players will face off against Captain Lewis of True Sons, who becomes the game’s new major adversary, in addition to various other changes. Countdown, a unique 8-player PvE mode where players must fight against time to avert an nuclear meltdown, an addition to the seasonal narrative.

The Division 2 Season 9 Roadmap

The Division 2 Season 9
Image: Ubisoft

Season 9 of The Division 2 introduces the new Expertise system, which is effectively a min-maxing endgame tool that allows players to enhance the basic values of almost all of their gear. Season 9 will also bring with it a variety of new weapons and armor pieces, as well as several Exotics and season pass cosmetics.

Season 9 Hidden Alliance of The Division 2 is set to debut on May 12, and it will be the first of three season pass drops scheduled for 2022. Now may be a good moment for new gamers to try their luck at the game, especially since Season 9: Hidden Alliance is coming out in May. The Division 2 isn’t a Destiny killer, but the game still has a lot going for it, and the future updates are expected to bring players back together – even if only for a little while.

While the promise of three more seasonal content drops through 2022 is sure to excite fans, The Division 2’s vague announcement of revival initially suggested a potentially more substantial release, and the community had been anticipating another Warlords of New York level DLC over seasons. Still, new content is new content, and the promises of big new endgame-level features and game modes are appreciated by players.

The Division 2 is now available on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

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