Technoblade, Minecraft Youtuber Dies From Cancer At 23

Technoblade, 23-year-old Youtuber and Minecraft Streamer Dies From Cancer At 23

Technoblade, Minecraft Youtuber Dies From Cancer At 23

Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade, age 23, died after a lengthy battle with cancer. The death of the American gamer was confirmed by his family in an emotional farewell video that was posted on behalf of the late content creator. The clip, called “So Long Nerds,” addresses 12 million subscribers of the YouTuber.

Technoblade, whose real name was Alex, had around 11 million YouTube subscribers. His Minecraft videos and hilarious commentary on the game were popular among gamers. He tended to focus on the game, but he revealed in a video that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Even before dying, Technoblade penned a letter to his followers.

On Thursday, Technoblade released a video entitled “so long nerds.” Instead of Minecraft’s bright colors, the clip features a guy who identifies himself as Technoblade’s father with a poodle sitting in a chair against a white backdrop. He proceeded to read his son Technoblade’s letter after stating his name. “Hello, everyone. Technoblade here. If you are watching this, I am dead.” In the letter, his father informs him that Technoblade’s actual name was Alex, which he never used on YouTube. In his YouTube videos, Technoblade was a faceless entity. It was his voice that made the magic happen; however, his father displayed some of his cherished photographs of family members. For himself in his videos, Technoblade utilized an avatar depicting a pig wearing a crown and wielding a sword.

“If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time. Those were the happiest years of my life,” Alex’s letter states. Before signing off, his father stated that Technoblade died approximately eight hours after finishing the letter.

Alex’s mother, who did not appear in front of the camera, wrote a note at the conclusion of the film, stating that her son never desired personal glory and was always self-deprecating, even when his videos became so popular on YouTube.

“From Technoblade’s earliest online days, he was always strategizing ways to delight and reward his audience, giving away online prizes, encouraging good sportsmanship and, most of all, sharing his Minecraft adventures for entertainment and laughs,” she added.

RIP Legend, Technoblade Never Dies.

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