Spectral Pages not Manifesting: Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Bugged

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Quest Bugged, Bungie is aware and working on a Fix

Festival of the Lost bugged
Image: Bungie

The Festival of the Lost 2022 in Destiny 2 just went live today at reset, brought back including Spectral Pages as well as Manifested Pages as event currency. Unfortunately for gamers, this year’s event also opened with a problem that prevented them from converting their Spectral Pages into the Manifested Pages.

The two currencies are essential for players who want to take full advantage of the Festival of the Lost’s event. Players can transform Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages through clearing out Headless Ones within Haunted Sectors while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask. Guardians could then place their Manifested Pages into Eva Levante’s Book of the Forgotten at the Tower.

Because these two currencies are so important in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost, any issues that prevent them from being acquired can be quite destructive. And if you’re having difficulties manifesting your Spectral Pages, you’ve probably run into a bug in this year’s Festival of the Lost.

Why can’t I convert my Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages?

If you can’t transform the Spectral Pages into the Manifested Pages, you’ve probably hit a bug. According to the Bungie’s support page, they are looking into the issue. The bug will also halt progress on the Gone But Not Forgotten quest line, which serves as the introduction to this year’s Festival of the Lost.

The problem was reported by several gamers on social media, including the Destiny 2 community r/DestinyTheGame. Because of the severity of the problem, posts calling attention to the issue were fairly widespread and well-received, and Bungie confirmed the error through their support page a little more than an hour after the Festival of the Lost began. Bungie has not yet provided a timeframe for the patch, so players who are concerned about their Spectral Pages failing to manifest should keep a close eye on the BungieHelp Twitter page.

Update: Bungie has fixed the issue that was causing spectral pages to not turn into manifested pages.

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