Nvidia Is Adding Official Ray-Tracing Support to Portal

The original Portal is getting a free update that will bring ray-tracing support in the game’s aesthetics in November

Nvidia’s September event, when it revealed the new RTX 4090 and 4080 graphics cards, also showcased a planned mod for the classic Portal on PC, which injects the game with stunning, ray-traced images. It will be released on Steam totally free to every current owner of the game sometime in November.

Whether you’ve played the game many times (I did) or are ready to play it for the very first time (You’re in for a ride), it will look even better if your laptop or desktop has an Nvidia RTX-series graphics card. This release builds on Nvidia’s previous graphic upgrades for classic titles such as Quake II as well as Minecraft. For more information, visit Nvidia’s blog.

A tool that can utilize AI to improve graphics in older games: RTX Remix

Nvidia also launched RTX Remix, a modification tool that allows artists and developers to remake older games using AI and even the latest Nvidia graphics capabilities. The company presented RTX Remix demo, which was utilised to improve the graphics in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It’s just one of many older titles that can benefit from DLSS 3, the newest version of its AI-assisted graphics upscaling technology for RTX 40-series GPUs, and Reflex, which reduces input latency. Nvidia advertises RTX Remix as a solution for remastering games with fixed function graphics architectures that were designed in DirectX 8 and DirectX 9.

It quickly becomes quite technical in terms of specifics, but it’s extremely amazing. Nvidia has a variety of visual comparison sliders to highlight the advantages of RTX Remix. Nvidia explains the procedure:

“RTX Remix is able to capture the textures, geometry, lighting, and cameras thanks to an innovative, custom D3D9 Runtime called the RTX Remix Runtime. Classic games like Morrowind use the D3D9 runtime to send draw calls (rendering instructions) to the GPU. RTX Remix Runtime intercepts those draw calls, interprets them into distinct assets, and reassembles those assets into an identical scene. From there, RTX Remix converts the assets and scene into the widely adopted Universal Scene Description (USD) open 3D framework, which is the foundation of the NVIDIA Omniverse platform for building and operating custom 3D pipelines.”

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