Minecraft Youtuber Dream’s Face Reveal On His Next Upload

“My Next Upload will be me Face Revealing. The Mask is Coming off”, Says Dream

Dream Face Reveal
Screengrab via YouTube (AnthonyPadilla)

In the latest YouTube Community post on his own Channel, The Minecraft YouTuber Dream posted that he will be revealing his face in his next upload as it is confirmed that GeorgeNotFound, his friend and fellow Dream Team Member is finally moving to United States for the meetup.

Dream made a big declaration two months ago about his impending face reveal during the newest part of his Discord podcast series, which followers refer to as “Drodcasts.” Dream is enthusiastic about his plans for the future, which have long been delayed, and was so confident that he has wagered his YouTube account on it.

Dream Face Reveal
Screengrab via YouTube / Dream’s Community Post

The idea of Dream Team Christmas began in 2021, when Dream and Sapnap believed GeorgeNotFound would be able to travel to the United States in advance for Dream’s face reveal and the whole Dream Team meetup. However, due to the complicated procedure of obtaining a visa, Dream’s face reveal was already put on hold.

Dream’s face reveal plans were dependent entirely on his fellow Dream Team member GeorgeNotFound, if he can completely relocate from England to the United States due to a long-standing agreement the two made years ago, as well as Dream’s desire to only face reveal when surrounded by his closest friends.

Following the reveal of Dream’s face, fans can expect to notice a subtle change in his content, as well as that of fellow Dream Team members GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap, such as the launch of an IRL version of Dream’s famous series Minecraft Manhunt. However, because the Minecraft celebrity considers being faceless to be an important component of his material, Dream’s output will stay primarily masked outside of his friends’ IRL footage.

As a result of Dream betting his YouTube channel on a Dream Team Christmas, his face reveal could happen at any time before October. “That is the Dream guarantee that the Dream team meetup, the Dream face reveal, the Dream Team living together will happen before Christmas this year,” Dream continued after his big declaration. “One million percent.”

While the Minecraft YouTuber is confident that everything will go forward by December at the earliest, he believes GeorgeNotFound will arrive in America “well before then” and hence his face reveal will take place much sooner.

The YouTuber also stated that if all goes well, the trio plans to attend TwitchCon San Diego taking place on October 7th to 9th. He went on to say that the Dream Team had “good reason to believe” GeorgeNotFound would be able to relocate to America “in October or sooner.”

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