Minecraft YouTuber Dream Finally Revealed his Face

Content Creator Dream Finally Revealed his Face to Millions of Fans

If you missed the live, here’s a photo grabbed from the premiere. Finally, the mask is off, and Dream’s face has finally been revealed. We finally know how the Minecraft star looks like after years of mystery.

Dream face revealed
Dream | Photo Grabbed from Youtube

Update: We now know with certainty when the face reveal will occur after great anticipation. Fans will finally get their first glance at the popular Minecraft star on October 2 at around 5 PM PT.

Dream, a popular YouTuber, is trending on Twitter, as is the hashtag #dreamfacereveal. Over the last few weeks, the Minecraft YouTuber has been promising a face reveal on social media.

He announced his plans for a face reveal on September 23, stating that his trademark mask would be off soon. He worked with a number of content creators yesterday, who captured their emotions over FaceTime calls with the YouTuber. He put out a one-word tweet earlier this morning assuring followers that today will mark the day they will finally get to see his face.

When can people expect to see the Content Creator Dream’s face?

Minecraft star Clay “Dream” caused an uproar when he revealed that the much-anticipated face reveal will most likely occur on October 2.

The announcement began earlier today, when Clay posted to his alternate Twitter account as well as teased his followers by speculating that the face reveal would take place on October 2

In the early morning of October 2, the Minecraft celebrity wrote “is today the day?” on his DreamWasTaken Twitter profile.

This was quickly followed by a statement on his regular Twitter account with only one word: “Today.”

Since his climb to popularity in 2019 and 2020, the Minecraft content creator has become one of the most recognizable figures on YouTube. Over the previous three years, he has achieved tremendous success, with about 42 million subscribers throughout his channels, including a massive 30 million subscribers on his primary channel.

Twitter community goes crazy after Dream declares a face reveal date of October 2nd

Yesterday (October 1), the YouTuber collaborated with a number of other content creators, calling them over FaceTime as well as having them record their responses to seeing his face. Several celebrities, including Anthony Padilla, TommyInnIt, and Karl Jacobs, shared their reactions on social media.

The buzz has been sufficiently escalated, with various large internet fan networks spreading the word. In anticipation, fans and haters alike have made the hashtag “#dreamfacereveal” popular on Twitter. Many people are waiting to see his face, speculating whether he is pretty or ugly, whereas others are cracking jokes and memes about the scenario.

The face reveal story appears to be coming to an end today, as the Minecraft YouTuber put out tweets on each of his Twitter accounts implying that today was the big day.

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