Instagram Down: Might Say Your Account is Suspended

Instagram outage, millions of people’s accounts have been suspended

Instagram Down
Image: Instagram

Instagram users can’t log in at all, or they can but their follower counts are suddenly falling as their followers’ accounts happen to be suspended. According to Instagram PR, the organization is looking into the issue.

A Monday morning Instagram outage has locked users out and informed many of them that “we suspended your account on October 31, 2022.”

“We’re aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We’re looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience.” the platform said on Twitter.

There is currently no word on what is causing the warning, but the message suggests that things are now being closed because people are not following strict community guidelines. Some users have even reported that Instagram pages have been abruptly shut down.

Many people have taken to Twitter to show their frustration, with one user, Fran, tweeting, “What is going on with @instagram suspended my account for no reason!!!! #instagramdown.” Another user, neocrushtech, commented, “Why you suspended my account without no reason #instagramdown.”

The bugger appear to be fairly widespread, with Down Detector currently showing over 3,000 reports of users experiencing difficulties with their accounts.

Instagram Down

Alice, an Instagram user, commented on the Down Detector forum page: “”My account has been suspended as well! And tried on my sister’s phone to find it and it’s completely gone. I don’t exist! It’s my birthday as well so Instagram please just hurry up and fix it!”

A quick glance at Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram account reveals that it appears to have lost 3 million from the 493 million followers it had only one day ago, and Instagram’s own primary account has lost over a million followers. We were able to access some previously “suspended” accounts as of 12:16PM ET, and reports recorded by DownDetector appears to be dropping.

Although not every Instagram user has been affected by the bug, many have confirmed that their followers have decreased and the number of people they follow has decreased. This is clearly due to the removal of a large number of accounts.

Until Meta, which now owns Instagram, confirms the glitch, it’s best to avoid clicking on any links, as this could be an advanced scam intended to steal personal information such as user names and passwords.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more about this message.

Update 12:16 PM ET: Some accounts are now back online, as well as follower counts are rising.

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