Halo: The TV Series Episode 2 Review – Unbound

Halo: The TV Series Episode 2 Review – Unbound

There’s only room for growth, right? The Halo series has been a roller coaster so far, and the second episode was one of the worst. Join us for the Show bonus episode, in which we break down the things we enjoy and despise during this week’s journey.

Another week, another episode of analysis from Gamer Vip. The entire chief’s journey will be revealed in this episode. If you’re interested in our thoughts on the premiere, be sure to read our review discussion for last week’s episode “The Connection.”

Nick Ingram, the story’s protagonist, has been captured by the UNSC and imprisoned aboard Onyx. His new friend Guan is on a mission to discover what the mysterious relics John 117 took from Milagro’s Covenant were. Cortana was brought back from the brink when Dr Halsey’s plans for her were accepted by the human military once more, given the Chieftain’s shocking disobedience. Then, as the plot progresses, we are introduced to Soren-066 and learn about his connection with everyone’s favourite enormous green Spartan. Is there anything planned for this week? No, but you must hear our complete thoughts.

Halo the series is the beginning of a new series called Playable Indication Exhibition. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. This is an experiment for us and we’d love to know what you enjoy and what you think could be improved. We’d also love to hear what you’d want us to discuss after the Halo series, whether it’s more spoilers, a gamebook club, or anything else you can think of. Thank you for reading; we hope you enjoy the presentation!

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