Halo Infinite: Everything new in Season 2

With the new Halo Infinite’s multiplayer now beginning to establish itself, here’s a rundown of everything that will be added in May’s anticipated Halo Infinite Season 2

343 Industries announced that the second season of ‘Halo Infinite’ will start on May 3. The season is called Lone Wolves and it includes a new battle pass system, new maps, and additional game modes. A trailer was released on Friday morning showcasing a portion of the new maps – one Arena map called Catalyst and one Big Team Battle map called Breaker, which appears to feature a deep lava pit separating sections of the map – as well as some gameplay from those areas.

While Halo Infinite’s open-world adventure and free-to-play multiplayer were praised, it must be acknowledged that the latter has yet to resonate with fans and provide that classic Halo gameplay experience that has worked so well in the past. The continual striving to achieve these heights is best achieved with new material introduced on a regular basis through seasonal multiplayer updates.

Season 1 of Halo Infinite was dubbed “Heroes of Reach” owing to the fact that it focused on characters and events from the classic Halo Reach. It appears that a significant portion of the content and rewards for forthcoming Season 2 will revolve around new Lone Wolf heroes who will be front and center.

Halo Infinite Season 2 – New Game Modes

Halo Infinite: Everything new in Season 2
Image: Halo Infinite

With Season 2, we’ll see the debut of several new game modes that should help expand the content pool for Halo Infinite. The returning but limited-time Attrition mode will be welcome back, as will the classic King of the Hill mode, which has long been a staple of the series. Perma-death Last Spartan Standing is also set to make a comeback after being previously introduced, as well as a mysterious new game type dubbed Land Grab.

What’s new in the Season 2 battle pass?

Halo Infinite: Everything new in Season 2
Image: Halo Infinite

343 Industries isn’t eager to dish out all of the battle pass rewards just yet, but the company has released the first official artwork, which reveals several new gear items for Spartans. This includes bright new helmets, armor kits, and weapon skins, all of which fall under the category of “Lone Wolves,” a reference to the game’s free-for-all mode. The Halo community, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be critical of this battle pass. Many players were dissatisfied with the cosmetics in Season 1, yet the Season 2 cover art characters imply a more colorful palette is on the way.

As we get more details on the battle pass rewards, we’ll be sure to provide them one by one in order to assist you decide whether or not the premium optional battle pass is worth your time and money.

Halo Infinite Season 2 – New Maps

Halo Infinite: Everything new in Season 2
Image: Halo Infinite

Two new maps are expected to launch with Season 2 of Halo Infinite, bringing the total number of Arena-based environments to eight. “Catalyst,” a new map, is anticipated to debut with Season 2, boosting the game’s roster of Arena-based stages. The name “Breaker” has been given to the second map, which will be added to the list of Big Team Battles locations. These additional maps will be well-received since there are only four arena maps currently in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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