GTA 6 hacker pleads “not guilty” to computer misuse

Alleged GTA 6 hacker has pleaded “not guilty” to Computer Misuse

GTA 6 hacker pleads not guilty
Image: Rockstar

The hacker accused of being behind recent Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks has pleaded guilty to violating bail conditions but not to computer misuse.

The 17-year-old hacker accused of leaking Grand Theft Auto 6 development videos and possibly other materials has pled not guilty to the charges of computer misuse, however they appear to have pled guilty to violating bail conditions. The teenager suspected of leaking Grand Theft Auto 6 content is currently being kept in a juvenile detention center.

The first-ever Grand Theft Auto 6 leak began circulating recently, courtesy to a devastating security breach at developer Rockstar Games. It’s unclear what was obtained in the incident, although rumors imply that the hacker grabbed the source code for Grand Theft Auto 5 as well as Grand Theft Auto 6. Following the incident, numerous people rushed to social media to claim responsibility, while one person claiming to be the leaker in question succeeded to dupe a person out of $100,000 in a bogus sale for Grand Theft Auto 5’s source code.

A 17-year-old suspect was recently arrested in Oxfordshire, UK, as a result of a collaborative ongoing case involving the FBI and the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit, and the accused hacker has pleaded not guilty to the charge of computer misuse, as according to City of London detective inspector Michael O’Sullivan. However, the suspect pleaded guilty to violating bail restrictions imposed by an earlier arrest in which the then-16-year-old hacker was associated with a group of people detained on suspicion of hacking large corporations such as Microsoft. As a minor, the identity of the Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker will most likely remain unknown.

The Grand Theft Auto developer has published a statement acknowledging that it had suffered a “network intrusion” that caused the data to be stolen from its servers, but the incident will have “no long-term effect on development.” One might even argue that the leak has offered Grand Theft Auto 6 with significant press coverage, which has unintentionally promoted the eagerly anticipated title in the eyes of the gaming industry. However, the leak has most certainly thrown a bump in Rockstar’s marketing plans for the game, as certain sections of the game already have been leaked.

The leaked clip confirms previously rumored elements such as Grand Theft Auto 6’s male and female lead characters and its location in Vice City, however there will undoubtedly be tons of things to uncover until Grand Theft Auto 6 is released in the coming years.

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