Godzilla and King Kong joining Call of Duty: Warzone on May 11

Godzilla and Kong will appear for the first time in Call of Duty: Warzone on May 11, as part of Operation Monarch

Activision officially revealed Operation Monarch after some initial leaks suggested, a new event set to arrive in Call of Duty: Warzone. King Kong and Godzilla are the stars of the Operation, as expected. Check out the trailer below.

The rumored debut of Godzilla and King Kong in Call of Duty has been confirmed, according to a leak. According to a listing for “Operation Monarch” on the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, which has a track record of correctly predicting unannounced items in the PlayStation database found that Call of Duty: Warzone will feature “Operation Monarch.”

The trailer art features Godzilla and King Kong, with the text, “The fight begins May 11th.” Operation Monarch and the two legendary beasts will be introduced in Update 1.57 for Warzone. Monarch is the name of the fictitious science company from 2014’s Godzilla film.

The first teasers for Godzilla in Warzone, which came only a few days ago, were met with surprise by the majority of the community. While COD: Warzone has seen its fair share of unusual occurrences and developments, many gamers could not have anticipated two of the most recognized kaiju monsters to appear as well. Because the event is expected to begin on May 11, dedicated players will not have to wait too long to discover what Operation Monarch is all about or how extensive the monsters’ presence may end up being.

There’s also the fact that, according to the originator of the leak, Warzone will be smaller following update 1.57 installation, implying some sort of asset compression. The degree of this, too, remains to be seen, but COD: Warzone creators said Verdansk could return in a limited re-release event , and it’s conceivable that the development team would continue to reduce the game’s size in the meantime as a way to keep file sizes at least somewhat manageable by when this does happen.

Also recently the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg joined Warzone on April 19 and brought a new “Bong Ripper” sniper rifle as well as various weed references.

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