Fortnite’s Chapter 3: Season 4 adds Spider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen is One of the New Additions to Fortnite’s new Season “Paradise”

A new Fortnite season has begun, and it is dripping with chrome. Today marks the release of Chapter 3: Season 4 for the battle royale game titled “Paradise,” with the main difference being the addition of a mystery new material. It’s called Chrome, and it looks to be capable of changing almost anything it comes into contact with: you can splash it on walls to run right through them, or you can splash it on yourself to gain temporary fire resistance and faster running speed.

This season’s additions include new locales, such as a floating condo, as well as other areas of interest that are naturally infested with chrome. Sniper weapons have been significantly improved, with both damage as well as headshot multipliers increased. There’s also a new type of vault that can be accessed by locating several keys scattered about the island, providing players with access to high-level riches.

A new season means a brand-new battle pass with a number of new characters to discover. This season’s battle pass is highlighted by Spider-Gwen, and players that acquire the pass will instantly have access to a new skin named Paradigm. A hipster cat, a weird bear beast, and yet another extremely cool anime skin are among the new additions. Here’s a trailer for the entire battle pass lineup:

This season follows the lighthearted vibes of Paradise, which debuted in June after a live mech battle event. That season of Fortnite was known for a massive Dragon Ball crossover event in which players could give Goku a weapon. Following the release of a Zero Build mode in March, Fortnite appears to have gained a significant boost this year.

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