Destiny 2’s Telesto is bugged yet again, Mystery Community Puzzle revealed?

It has now been revealed that Destiny 2’s Telesto is bugged but in an unusual way, Guardians thinks it’s a Community Puzzle Event

Telesto Bugged in Destiny 2

Following a report that something was happening today, one of Destiny 2‘s most famed weapons has been broken yet again. This time, though, it could be more than a coincidence or an accident: it could be a foreshadowing of a newest community event.

Telesto is one of the most troublesome weapons in the game, and it’s gained the (well-deserved) reputation of being Destiny’s main bugged weapon due to how frequently it’s plagued by bugs, to the extent where it’s a community inside joke. Today, however, all copies of Telesto began smoking and sparking, indicating that the weapon was malfunctioning in-universe and that it wasn’t one of the usual Telesto faults.

“TELESTO is sparking, smoking and shooting out what I believe could be coded patterns into the sky, you have to hold reload to literally smack it to get it firing normally again” – Paul Tassi

Shooting Telesto whilst in a “Broken Mode” causes its missiles to fly upwards rather than straight and in constellation-like formations. Reloading the weapon will keep it “bugged,” but holding reload will lead your guardian to smash into the weapon, restoring normal function.

Telesto Bugged in Destiny 2

Recent data-mined evidence suggests that something larger is in the works in the background., a database that utilizes the Bungie API, announced a fresh set of triumphs tied to a community event within Season of Plunder late last month. With the season coming to a conclusion in four weeks and Festival of the Lost is finished just today’s reset, it would be an excellent time for a seasonal event.

Bungie hasn’t included an unique puzzle such as this within the game in a long time, which has garnered mixed reactions from players in the past. Some enjoy the strangeness and the search of answers, while others believe you should just sit around and wait for community members to solve it.

While it’s unknown how Telesto relates to an approaching community event, this weapon’s unusual new behavior is not by chance. And until we know what occurs, fans will keep looking into Telesto and its mysteries until they find a solution.

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