Destiny 2 Gambit Gets a Major Overhaul in Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Gambit Gets a Major Overhaul in Witch Queen

The Witch Queen update was a chance for the team to react to what Gambit has learned over its three-year stint in Destiny 2, according to Principal designer Alan Blaine. He explains that the goal of the modifications is to make Gambit “more appealing to a larger audience by addressing player complaints and improving upon what already exists, without changing the core nature of the mode.”

Destiny 2 Gambit Gets a Major Overhaul in Witch Queen
Destiny 2 BUNGIE

As a result, in the latest TWAB, Bungie is adding a Gambit Freelance node to the game, which allows players to join a matchmade team without having to worry about competing against clanmates or friends on voice chat who have an inherent advantage in Destiny 2’s competitive modes. Bungie claims that this has balanced Iron Banner, Glory, and Trials of Osiris matches and that it’s seeking another solution, but until then it’ll make Gambit games more evenly matched.

Gambit will also add new respawn points to all of the maps fronts, so you won’t have to run all the way back to the backfield every time. It’ll also provide new spawning locations for attackers. Destiny 2 Gambit Gets a Major Overhaul in Witch Queen.

The developer has also made modifications to obstructions and the primeval boss fights. The 10-mote phalanx blocker will receive a boost in health, while the 15-mote knight will use stasis magic (ouch). Teams with many blockers on the field during the primeval phase will still lose motes, but you’ll be able to stop it by engaging blockers in the bank zone.

There’s also more ammunition available in the future. When each front is activated, an ammo chest with special and heavy ammunition will appear. Every player may use it once – but you’ll need to get there fast since it will time out after 20 seconds.

After the update, Primal conflicts will last longer, whereas mote gathering should be quicker. The primeval’s envoys will now emerge from the front lines rather than from near the bank, necessitating you to walk around to track them down rather than pivoting in place to shoot the boss.


There are only two invasion phases rather than three in the reworked Gambit mode once the patch lands – invasions will begin at 40 and 80 mote thresholds, as well as during the primeval battle. Rather than a value between 5 and 35 percent, invader kills during this phase will heal the primeval for exactly 27% of its health – Bungie claims that range was caused by a bug that it has now corrected.

Gambit Labs:

  • Invasion Swap
    “This Labs variation plays around with who gets to benefit from triggered invasions”, says Bungie. Instead of creating your own invasion portal at 40 and 80 Motes during the Motes phase, you open your opponent’s instead. Bungie thinks this will disrupt the usual meta for when and how to deposit, as well as invasion tactics, and is excited to see what creative solutions and counterstrategies Guardians come up with.
  • Mote Thief
    The invader’s original concept was Guardian as Taken Terror, which was overpowered and hazardous — something new to combat. But Bungie doesn’t believe it is the only compelling invader fantasy and thinks that it is worth investigating.
    Mote drain from two blockers will be disabled in this mode, on the other hand, if an invader is present on your side, for each second one mote drains from your bank to the invader’s bank.

There are no major changes in this list on their own. But, according to Bungie, their combined impact – at the very least, as far as it’s concerned – will be to “realign the mode with many of its original objectives.”

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