Among Us new mode is only available for few more hours

The Mode of Among Us Now Being Played Will Only be Available for a Few More Hours

We all know it’s tough to believe any gaming-related news on April Fools’ Day since they’re almost certainly a hoax (nor that our hands are clean), but here’s a legal joke. Innersloth is having fun with the Cards Among Us mode, which re-creates an old joke: The Horses Among Us Mode

Among Us New Horse Mode

The Mode of Among Us Now Being Played but Will Only be Available for a Few More Hours

Today, this free update transforms the rest of us into four-legged creatures. The concept grew out of a screenshot tweeted last April, which was subsequently posted below.

These spaceflight stallions include a “sizzle” sound effect and distinctive fake kill moves recorded by one of Innersloth’s engineers. Horses, on the other hand, are restricted to wearing face masks and helmets. If you’re still unconvinced, I started Among Us and can testify to the fact that it’s genuine.

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Innersloth announced that the horse mode would be removed at midnight UTC on April 2, which corresponds to 8 p.m. ET today. So if you’re feeling down (whatever that means), you’ll want to spar with some friends sooner or later.

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