AMD’s RDNA 3 GPUs Leaked before November 3 Live event

Here’s how to watch AMD’s launch of the latest RDNA 3 generation of graphics cards

AMD RDNA 3 GPU launch
Image: AMD

Thanks to recent leaks of the card’s reference samples, fans won’t have to wait until today’s long-awaited AMD RDNA 3 event to view the company’s next generation of GPUs.

One of the Radeon 7000 GPUs we’re expecting to see today has already been leaked, and it’s most likely the RX 7900, this will utilize the newly developed RDNA 3 architecture. AMD has already stated that it will not be adopting the new 12VHPWR connectors featured on Nvidia’s RTX 40-series cards, which have generated some debate, with consumers of RTX 4090 cards reporting burning or melting power cables. Nvidia said it is looking into the reports, which follow after weeks of durability issues caused by bending cables or adapters.

According to the appearance of the AMD GPUs, potential buyers will notice that the new cards seem to be marginally larger in size than the past generation of GPUs. Rumor has it that AMD’s chiplet CPU design will appear on its own gaming GPUs, along with 20GB or above of GDDR6 memory here on the top line of RDNA 3 GPUs.

When and where can you watch the AMD Event Live?

More information on the leaked AMD GPUs will be released today at the livestream event “together we advance_gaming.” The launch event will be streamed live on the main AMD launch event today at 4 PM EST/ 1 PM PDT/ 8 PM GMT/ 1:30 AM IST (Next day).

The AMD event will be streamed live on AMD’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel. AMD’s broadcast is also embedded above. If you can’t get there on time, a clip of the event is generally available on YouTube shortly afterwards. With its RDNA 3 architecture and next-generation Radeon GPUs, AMD promises ‘groundbreaking’ advances.

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