A new Subnautica game appears to be in development

Unknown Worlds appears to be working on a new Subnautica game

Unknown Worlds is preparing for the next chapter in its Subnautica universe series, and it’s searching for more people to extend its team. The studio’s first-person survival game franchise has already shown off two distinct areas of a single planet in previous installments, but the finer details suggest bigger goals this time around.

There are currently two games in the Subnautica series, each set on an ocean-covered alien planet 4546-B where players may explore and survive. The first game was set in a lush tropical area, while the second took place several years later when the planet’s covered in snow.

The information about the project comes from an Unknown Worlds job posting for a senior narrative designer to collaborate to help define the next game in the Subnautica universe!

However, the job description hints at something distinct: a trip to an entirely new world in the next game? Or at least a completely new biome on the same watery planet on which the first two games in the series were set.

The post said, “Unknown Worlds is seeking a Senior Narrative Designer to join the team working on the next game in the Subnautica universe.  This person will collaborate closely with the team to tell compelling, dramatic stories in the context of the game experience, while also defining the history and lore of a new science fiction world and its alien inhabitants. This person has a unique opportunity to join the team early in development and help establish the narrative direction for a beloved franchise.”

Subnautica, is recognized for being highly player-driven and taking into account player feedback during development. With both games having gone through lengthy early access phases to allow user comments to be considered, the Subnautica series is well-known for being built on the foundation of player input. If Unknown Worlds continues down the path of Early Access it may be in players’ hands sooner than many expect, given that the newest game is in production.

Subnautica is available now on Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and macOS.

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